All of us at the Tomorrows Children’s Fund hope that you and your families are continuing to stay safe and healthy during these challenging times.
We look forward to having you join us for the 8th Annual Join Hands 5K on Sunday, October 29th in person or virtual if that works better for you. Our 5K begins at 8:30a.m. We are excited about this year’s Join Hands 5K and all of the possibilities the event has to offer. We hope that you will Join Hands With Us in our Mission and do everything possible to help our brave, young patients and their families.

Tomorrows Children's Fund 8th Annual Join Hands 5K
Register Here for Hybrid run/walk on Sunday, October 29th 8:30 AM!

Our Presenting Sponsor - Inserra Supermarkets

Inserra Supermarkets joins us for the 9th Year as the Join Hands 5K Presenting Sponsor. The Inserra Family, has been an integral supporter of the Tomorrows Children's Fund and the numerous programs we provide for our patients and their families and also a primary donor to the many events we host.

Whether you are participating or just wish to make a difference, we are always accepting online donations!

We offer emergency financial aid (mortgages, rent, utility bills, car loans and many others, we have a supermarket gift card program, a fully stocked food pantry, we offer transportation services to and from treatment, and we provide many other forms of assistance that a patient and their family and so much more.


Thank you for coming to Hybrid 5K Run / Walk on Sunday, October 29th!

We are still accepting online donations!


Participants for our Hybrid Walk this year

Our 2022 Top 5 Teams:

  • Team Highlanders - $3,841
  • Kristy's Crew - $2,280
  • Daniel's Mighty Crew - $1,855
  • Donovan's Defenders - $1,715
  • Val's Gang - $1,648

Our 2022 Certificate Winners:

  • Overall Fundraiser - Team Highlanders
  • Team Spirit - Daniel's Mighty Crew
  • School Spirit - Michael's Grand Slammers

The Tomorrows Children’s Fund (TCF) was founded 42 years ago to help the families of children with cancer and serious blood disorders. Today, TCF continues to provide a warm, healthy and loving environment for children in treatment and a full scope of services to relieve families’ emotional and financial stress.

"Being told your child has cancer feels like you are in a race car going 100 MPH in the dark with someone else behind the wheel. All you can do is buckle up and pray you will be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. To the patients and families, Tomorrows Children’s Fund is that light. It gives you hope in your darkest hours, peace when the stress is overwhelming and smiles on faces who no longer have the strength to grin. And that is priceless."
TCF Parent

TCF Volunteers

Our volunteers are the heart of The 8th Annual Join Hands 5k event. Come be a part of a great cause and have A LOT of fun in the process!

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A Special Thanks to our sponsors!
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